Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Habits for Life

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STOP Struggling to get your child to eat their Vegetables!

Let the Ninja Wellness Warriors help Educate, then Entertain, Encourage and Inspire your

little ones to... Feed Their Ninjas. It WORKS.

Are you aware of the importance of your child consuming proper nutrition at a young age? Equally important is educating them on the importance of limiting junk food.

Did you know that daily consumption of vegetables is essential to ensure a robust immune system that will set you up to be a healthier adult? Did you know you may be more prone to diseases if you haven’t developed healthy habits from the start? For many, it is often difficult to make lifestyle changes later in life.

SO... Here's our Solution!

Our Ninjas Entertain, Educate, and Inspire Children to Develop Healthy Habits!

Imagine your child asking for a healthy snack because they have to Feed Their Ninjas! A cookie will make their Ninjas lazy and distracted, and oh, they want to do some jumping jacks?! YES! Our interactive APP will engage your child to be voluntarily responsible, and it's fun for them.

Inspiring your child to eat their vegetables daily.
Caring for their Ninjas is how children become interested in the ‘why’ behind healthy food choices.

Encouraging your child to perform some sort of daily physical activity
Our app will prompt your child to perform one of the physical activities that must be performed daily in order to keep their Ninja status.

Educating your child on the benefits of Kindness and Gratitude.
Creating the Ninjas and building character will include sections that will share examples of gratitude and acts of kindness with prompts to think about what they could be grateful for. Also, examples of ways to be kind to others.
“A friend gave us the hardcover book! This is a great concept, it created conversation around the dinner table; not only has my son been wanting to ‘feed his ninjas’ it has my husband thinking more about what he eats”
— Kelly M / Austin, TX
“The Activity book download is an awesome tool to use as a reinforcement for healthy eating. The activities are interactive, I can’t wait for the labels to arrive so I can print out the stickers, my daughter LOVES stickers”
— Danielle H / Vancouver, BC
"I recommend this Feed Your Ninja concept to all my friends with young children. It's brilliant, it helps my child understand the importance of healthy choices by a different means...through someone or something else. Taking care of something outside of themselves (so they think) lets them learn through caring".
— Savannah S / Penticton, BC
My name is Tracy J, I have dealt with an autoimmune disease for decades; it wasn’t until I incorporated raw vegetables into my diet and kept up a steady exercise regimen that I overcame the bonds of this disease. What I have discovered through extensive research was the ‘why’.
Further research uncovered just ‘how’ important it is for our young to get such nutrients in those formative years.
I decided to focus on children; educate them and help them form healthy habits at a young age. Once I had that thought, the research sort of took on a tangible image of Ninjas wielding bananas and asparagus spears as weapons.
Had my parents had this knowledge and resources back when I was a child, I may not have ended up with my disease. I was “a TERRIBLE eater”. (quote from my mom)

Tracy Johnson

Our APP 'Feed Your Ninjas’ is an interactive learning experience that entertains and encourages children with fun activities to help them understand what healthy choice foods and activities are so they'll want to...

Feed Their Ninjas


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